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Circuit Festival Barcelona Tickets 2016 - Bracelets For All Parties

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Bracelets Circuit Barcelona

Official Agencie
DeMediterrà we offer the best deals to get your bracelet Circuit Festival Barcelona 2016 to enter all scheduled parties, day and night.

Book your ticket bracelet for the Circuit Festival Barcelona and we 'll send you a personalized voucher which must be delivered from 2 to 14 August at the Circuit Festival Welcome Point .
Do not miss our  Deals for the bracelet Circuit Festival for individuals and groups .

If you have any doubt, just contact us:
Phone: + 34 93 187 96 59

How Do I Book the Bracelet Circuit Festival Barcelona 2016?

Circuit Festival Barcelona Bracelets Circuit Festival Barcelona Circuit Festival Bracelets

you want to live the Circuit Festival Barcelona 2016 , don't doubt and get your bracelet which will give you access to all parties scheduled from 2 to 14 August. Enjoy the Water Party , la Leche and a long list of parties scheduled for the world's largest gay event, thanks to the Circuit Festival
Barcelona bracelet .

How it Works?

1 - Make a search from August 2nd
2 - You can book multiple but , but only one bracelet per person will be delivered at the Welcome Point Circuit
3 - We will send a Confirmation of pre-booking which indicate the account number where to check in for the deposit
4 - We will send a Confirmation Voucher with your name and ID / passport you must print and deliver the Welcome Point Circuit , in the Hotel Cram Barcelona
5 - If you book more than a bracelet , we will send the same number of Confirmation Vouchers with name and ID / passport as bracelets you have reserved . In the Welcome Point Circuit is only granted one braceletper person , as long as this person delivers the Confirmation Voucher with his identification card
6 -The Confirmation Vouchers are personal and not transferable and must be submitted together with the ID/Passport to the organizers. Then, the will deliver your the Circuit Festival bracelet
7 - Youcan pick up your bracelet ticket from 2 to 14 August at the Hotel Cram Barcelona (Welcome Point), located in the center of Barcelona

How Much ?

- The pre-booking costs 20 per bracelet. Once you receive the pre-booking confirmation and you have made ​​the payment of the deposit , DeMediterrà will send you the Confirmation Voucher to deliver in the Welcom Point Circuit
- Once in the Welcome Point , the rest of the ticket has to be paid directly to the organizers of the Circuit Festival : 380

Other Avaliable Tickets

Circuit Festival Girlie: The bracelet costs 95€ + pre-booking of 5€ (9 to August 14)

In all tickets we will deliver you a CD and the official T-shirt Circuit '16.

For any questions , you can contact us via email or phone :

Phone: + 34 93 187 96 59

Pack Hotel in Barcelona + Booking Ticket Circuit Festival Barcelona 2016

FAQs about the Circuit Festival Bracelet 2016

Can I book more than a bracelet for the Circuit Festival Barcelona 2016?

Yes , we only have to indicate the name and identification of the recipient of each bracelet . In the Welcome Point Festival Circuit , each person , individually , must present his voucher + an ID card.

Do I have unlimited access to all parties scheduled for Barcelona Circuit ?

Of course . With the bracelet you can access to all the parties planned for the event , run by Matinée Group : in Barcelona , Sitges , Vilassar de Mar ...Both dayand night.

Why book before and did not go directly to Circuit Festival Welcome Point ?

Because with the reservation you are assured that you will not run out the bracelet, as each year are sold out. In addition, you are getting a discount of 20€ per bracelet than if you book it directly in the Welcome Point.

Why book in a travel agency as DeMediterrà ?

Because we are collaborating travel agency of the Circuit Festival and we are based in Barcelona itself , which allows us to have a real and direct contact with the Circuit Festival organizers .

When do I get my bracelet for the Circuit Festival 2016?

From 2 to 14 August in the Welcome Point Circuit , at the Hotel Cram , located inBarcelona center. You can pick up any of these 11 days, but as sooner as you pick up it, you'll have more pary days!

When I will arrive to the Welcome Point Circuit , what should I do ?

Once there , you must show the Reservation Voucher sent by DeMediterrà and your original ID/Passport identity card. The organizers, once made the checking, will deliver you the bracelet. It absolutely accredites you to attend all parties scheduled for the Circuit Festival Barcelona.

How long does the Circuit Festival Barcelona ?

11 days , from 2 to 14 August 2016 , and with different parties every day.

How much the bracelet Circuit Festival cost in total?

400€ ( 20down payment + 380to pay at the Welcome Point Circuit)

Hotels for the Circuit Festival Barcelona

At DeMediterrà we propose you different hotels for the Circuit Festival Barcelona. Do not miss our hotel deals in Barcelona for the occasion suitable for every budget. You deserve an amzing party during the Circuit Festival Barcelona!

Gay Hotel Offers in Barcelona

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